Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Join Swagbucks and earn FREE giftcards for searching the internet!

1. Swagbucks is completely FREE to sign up for and use.

2. You earn "Swagbucks" by doing searches online.  You typically earn 10 Swagbucks for every 2-3 searches you complete.

3. You redeem Swagbucks for FREE Gift Cards! It's true! I have recently redeemed mine for a $5.00 Amazon card! I'm collecting and saving my cards for use at Christmas and birthdays. 

I suggest downloading the Toolbar which makes it super simple to remember to use Swagbucks. Before I added the toolbar I often forgot to use it.  I still have Google as my primary toolbar and the Swagbucks toolbar can be quickly accessed if I choose to use it.  You will earn Swagbucks just for signing up! This is a really easy way to earn FREE money doing the things you already do.

Just click and SIGN-UP HERE! It's that easy! LOVE IT!
Start earning today!

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