Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aldi Deals: 3/7 Weekly Deals Seeker

Here are the best bargains at Aldi this week:

Grocery Items

Breaded Veal Steaks (36 oz.), $6.99

Cheese or Meat Tortellini (19 oz.), $2.49

Primavera or Arrabiatta Sauce (26 oz.), $1.59

Italian Deli Sliced Roast Beef (8 oz.), $2.49

Cheese Tortellini Soup (19 oz.), $1.39

Crushed Tomatoes (28 oz.), $0.89

Italian Diced Tomatoes (14.5 oz.), $0.55

Pesto Sauce (6.7 oz.), $1.99

Bremer Select Lasagna Rolls (32 oz.), $4.99

Stonemill 4-in-1 Pizza Seasonings (6.4 oz.), $3.99

Lasagna Italiano (90 oz.), $9.49

Stuffed Shells or Eggplant Parmigiana (10 oz.), $1.99

Manicotti or Stuffed Shells (16-20 oz.), $2.29

Pasta Entrees (16 oz.), $2.49

Tortelloni (8.82 oz.), $2.19

Filled Italian Pasta (8.8-17.6 oz.), $1.69

Risotto (5.93 oz.), $1.79

Ricotta Cheese (15 oz.), $1.59

Alfredo Sauce (15 oz.), $1.89

Pizzelle Italian Cookies (7 oz.), $2.69

Italian Cakes (14 oz.), $4.99

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16.9 oz.), $4.99

Balsamic Vinegar (16.9 oz.), $1.99

Priano Pizza Crust (10 oz.), $1.49

Bakehouse Creations Breadsticks (10.6 oz.), $1.69

Good Health Olive Oil Potato Chips (5 oz.), $1.59

Clancy's Italian Toast (4.75 oz.), $1.79

Special Purchase Items

Colorbok Build-A-Bear, $8.99

Benton's Bunny House Kit, $6.99

Hinkler Sticker Books, $0.99

Hasbro Play-Doh Spring Mini Character, $1.79

Plush Easter Baskets, $4.99

Paas Easter Egg Decorating Kits, $1.69

Stampers Inside Eggs, $1.99

Easter Eggs or Grass, $0.69

Playhut Pop-Up Play Tent, $16.99
Includes: Disney Princess, Toy Story, or Dora

Mattel Spring Toy Assortment, $7.99
Includes: Barbie, Disney Princess, Polly Pocket, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, or WWE Figures

Cozums Easter Plush, $2.99

Zhu Zhu Pets, $5.99

Thunder Toys Glitter Bouncy Balls, $1.99

Disney Pixar Cars, $2.99

Mattel Puzzle Scramblers, $3.49
Includes: Cars, Thomas & Friends, Barbie, or Hot Wheels

Disney Fairies, $3.99

Lego Mini Racers or Creators, $3.99

Duncan Lime Light Yo-Yo, $3.99

Easter Pez Candy, $1.29

Gardenline Spring Bulbs or Perennials, $2.29

5" Easy Orchid, $9.99

Aldi features mostly non-name brand items at their stores. While they do not accept coupons, they do offer incredibly low prices on many of their food items. You'll need to either bring your own bags from home, or purchase a few on your way through the check-out lane. Also, have a quarter handy. When picking up a cart on your way into the store, you need to insert a quarter to access the cart. Once you're done shopping, link it back to the existing line of carts, and your quarter will be returned to you.

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