Friday, March 19, 2010

Kmart Coupon - Too good to be true for some :(

To good to be's around blogs everywhere....
It appears that I, along with every other blogger I communicate with were passed along a Kmart coupon that stated $10 off $20 purchase.  It was only supposed to go to specific people for specific stores and it somehow was leaked on the internet and then spread like wildfire from site to site. The Kmart stores accepted it at some locations...but now they have decided that they will no longer accept it because it was not being used as intended (very select locations). :( Our loss! The coupon deal link has been deleted.

My apologies.  I do my best to check everything out before posting it and I personally printed this coupon before posting it and it said valid at all locations.  Every blogger I speak with posted the coupon. I hope it didn't cause any of you extra headaches.  We all have enough of those already.

Cross our fingers...Kmart will feel sorry for us and decide to put some type of coupon available to ALL of us instead of "select" stores.

My blogging friend Jenny at Southern Savers had this to say...
"First, it is hosted on so it is technically a legitimate coupon. But Kmart/Sears have a VERY bad habit of putting out PDF coupons intended for a small group, then when the country gets wind of it they put signs up everywhere and no longer honor them. If you want to use the coupons I expect you need to go today or by the end of the weekend at the latest."

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