Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cool 2 Clip thinks it is Cool 2 Care - DONATE! Spring Cleaning starts NOW!

Yesterday, I posted about the Salvation Army collecting clothes and giving $10.00 gift certificates to Bass, Van Heusen, and IZOD Outlets.  See the post here. inspired me to start doing some SPRING CLEANING! It's overdue at my house.  I am going to be VERY HONEST with all of you and post the pictures to prove it! I have a lot to donate and some to sell at a garage sale...and I've only finished one cabinet!

To the naked eye...everything looks good.

This is a cabinet in the playroom, which is in our basement.

Open it...and...OH MY! All winter I've shoved clothes that no longer fit into it.  This poor cabinet also holds all of my old papers from my graduate studies.  I went through every paper and pitched all of the stuff I will never use.
Ugghhh! I can't believe I'm airing my dirty little mess behind my cabinet doors. Please tell me I'm not the only one who picks one area...and it becomes the catch all!

Oh my! The white bags will be donated to the Salvation Army!
It feels so good!
After a box of trash pitched and items reorganized....
Drum roll please....

I hope this motivates you.
Thank goodness for cabinets with pretty doors that hide things and basements!
In all seriousness, I hope this motivates you to start your spring cleaning....
but also to make a difference!
Have a great evening! I'm headed out to play with 2 precious children.
I'll post some deals tonight....promise!

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