Friday, April 9, 2010

Dollar General - Now taking PRINTABLE COUPONS! YEAH!

Dollar General has just announced that they are now accepting internet printable coupons!
( You might call....just in case it is up to individual stores to decide whether to start accepting them.)
Here’s the new policy:

Dollar General will accept coupons, including Internet Coupons, provided they meet these requirements:

1.Coupons must be original (no photocopies)
2.Coupons must have a scan-able barcode
3.Coupons must have an expiration date
4.Coupons may be used only on products sold at Dollar General, and must match exactly to the item as it is packaged and sold at Dollar General.
5.Coupons must clearly say “Manufacturers Coupon” or “Dollar General Store Coupon”

Dollar General will NOT accept the following:

1.Manufacturer’s coupons that do not scan or Dollar General Store Coupons with an invalid promotional code
2.Expired Coupons
3.Coupons for products not sold at Dollar General
4.FREE Item coupon if printed from the Internet, unless a purchase is required (example: a “buy one, get one free” is acceptable).
5.Coupons from other retailers or coupons that may be used only at other retailers

Thanks CK

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