Saturday, April 10, 2010

Organizing your stockpile! I answer a few reader questions emailed to me.

My first question is from Kara P.
How do you organize all of the stuff you get from couponing? I've been following your site and getting great deals but I have them shoved all over my house and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I am going to load some pics showing how I organize all of the freebies and great deals I get.  I have some cabinets and shelving designated for items I regularly stock up on.  You can also watch my Free Samples II video to see where I put all of my free samples.

My advice would be to pick a day and find a spot in your house, or your garage for non-perishables, and select one spot or cabinet to organize all of the great deals you find. I hope the pictures help.  I am still learning new ways to organize items.  My way may not work for you but it's worth a try.

Question 2 from Tami L.
I cannot make it to the store every week and I feel so guilty for taking the time to get things ready and then not get to the store.  Am I wasting my time? Will this really pay off? I am trying.  I am so overwhelmed by all of this. PLEASE HELP ME! I know I need to do this but I'm going crazy!

I felt the same way when I first started.  My best advice would be to pick one store and start slowly.  It can be very overwhelming at first! To be honest, I can still get overwhelmed too.  You have to get to a point where you don't feel like you HAVE to score every deal. 
One of the reasons I stockpile some of my items like shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, dish detergent, etc. is so that I can take a break from it all and skip going to the store for a few weeks.  Sometimes I regret not making it to the store to score a good deal...but if you put it in's NOT a big deal to miss a sale.  You can't be everywhere and get EVERY deal.  Family is always first in my book and I often miss great deals because I'm spending time with them.  THEY ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN FREE DETERGENT! Keeping it all in perspective will help you get over the guilt of missing a great deal.
Here is your "to do" list:
Focus on CVS this week.  I want you to look at the following items from my blog to help you:
Click here and watch and read UNDERSTANDING CVS
Click here and pick the deals you want to focus on at CVS this week.
Take it step by step.  When I first started I began slowly.  Put the list and coupons you want to use at CVS in an envelope.  Be might not get all of the deals you plan.  Sometimes they will be out of items.  It's okay!! Items will go on sale again.  Get the ones you can and...IF YOU HAVE TIME AND WANT TO...go back later in the week and see if they've gotten another shipment. 
When you start getting more comfortable and you want to organize more coupons:
Watch this video from Cool 2 Clip on organizing coupons.
Tami- It takes time and effort to get started.  Start small and once you start getting items for free or close to free you'll get excited and motivated to give it another try.  Don't feel like you ALWAYS have to use coupons when you shop.  There are times when I run to the store without coupons.  When you need things, you need them! 
I would not take the time to blog about great deals if I didn't think it was worth the time.  I have saved my family so much money couponing and finding deals.  My husband said that he is amazed at how much money we are saving.  I typically save anywhere from $150-$275 a month couponing.  Some months are better than others and the money saved depends on the items needed that month. If you spend 2 hours a week getting coupons ready and organized at an average of $200 saved in a are making $25.00 for every hour you coupon.  That's not bad if you ask me! Keep trying!  Don't give up.  If you need more help, let me know.

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