Saturday, January 30, 2010

Understanding Walgreens

1. Register Rewards print on a "special register" and look like a long, skinny coupon.

2. Register Rewards are essentially like gift cards. They are good for the dollar amount shown on your next purchase (See Understanding CVS).

3. You get Register Rewards by buying items that are advertised as having "Register Rewards good on next purchase" in the weekly flyer.

For example, some toothpaste might cost $3.49 and is advertised as giving $3.49 in Register Rewards. This means you will pay $3.49 upfront (cash) and a Register Reward (catalina) coupon for $3.49 off of your next purchase will print. Essentially, this item is FREE if you plan on shopping at Walgreens again.

4. If I buy toothpaste that gives me a Register Reward, I cannot turn around and buy more of the same toothpaste using that specific Register Reward and get another Register Reward. The good news is you can use other Register Rewards you received from buying different products but not the same product.  It takes a bit of shuffling.

5. You cannot split up Register Rewards. For example, if you have a single Register Reward for $3.49, you cannot use $1 on one day and save the rest for later (same as CVS).

6. The ultimate goal is to "roll" your Register Rewards. For example, you want to "pay" with Register Rewards you already have from before and get items that will give you more Register Rewards for your next trip.

7. Register Rewards deals are sometimes "hidden" and you don't know about them until someone "accidentally" buys the item. It keeps it fun and exciting. The good news is that I will post as many of the "hidden" rewards as I can. If you find one, let me know and I'll post it with your name.

8. Each month, a Walgreens monthly catalog comes out. It is filled with Walgreens coupons and you pick it up at the front of the store with the weekly ads.

9. The cool part is that you can combine the coupons inside the catalog with manufacturer's coupons to get deep discounts.

10. There are ususally a few items that are free after Register Rewards.

12. At Walgreens, you cannot have more coupons than you have items. If you do, just purchase a filler item (candy bar, pencil, or something else inexpensive).

13. Register Rewards count as coupons.

14. You will probably have to pay a little bit out of pocket to get started. You will probably need to plan on spending $25.00 out of pocket to get a good start and enough Register Rewards to start rolling.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will do my best to help. In all honesty, I've scored great deals at Walgreens and CVS. Walgreens seems to take a little more pre-planning and preparation for me but the deals are worth it.

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